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Pakistan Showcase at 2016 SXSW

Four Pakistani acts will be performing at South by Southwest (SXSW) in Austin in 2016. Islamabad’s Foundation for Art and Cultural Expression (FACE), an organization that presents and supports artists in the Pakistani capital, will present four groups that represent Pakistan’s many musical worlds. These concerts are supported by the United States Embassy.

The Artists of FACE Pakistan’s 2016 SXSW Showcase

Imran Aziz Mian: Descendant of a beloved musical family, this qawwali singer transforms centuries-old Sufi poetry into beautiful moments open to all.

Mai Nimani: A soulful, raw voice from rural Sindh province, often heard at Sufi shrine festivals and debuting in the United States at SXSW.

Overload: Legendary percussion-driven band collides rock showmanship and South Asian dhol drum flare.

Wahid Alan Fakir: Living the simple life of a Sufi dervish, this engaging singer, dancer, and one-stringed kinghi player shows how contemporary Sindhi spiritual and love songs can feel.